60-Second Presentations


How many of you belong to a networking group? Every week you have the opportunity to present your business to an audience of fellow members. 90% of people waste that opportunity. First, lets look at some of the dont's.

Don't stand up and speak from where you're sitting, with your back to half the audience. If they can't see you, you're wasting your time! Move a few feet to the periphery and face the entire audience.

Don't mumble or speak quietly. If they can't hear you, you're wasting your time!

Don't read from a phone or a piece of paper. How difficult can it be to learn 60 seconds-worth off by heart. If they can't engage with you, you're wasting your time!

Don't trot out the same boring old script week after week; the one where you reel off the same list of everything you do. They've heard it all before, every week! If they can't be entertained by you, you're wasting your time!

So what do you do. You "top and tail". Intro + finale complete with memorable catchphrase should total 10 seconds. That leaves you with 50 seconds in the middle. Tell them a story, a story which illustrates some aspect of one of your skills and demonstrates how good you are at what you do. Prepare 6 such stories and deliver them weekly in rotation. If something good has happened during the week which might make a good story, insert it into the rota.

If you visit another group, do something startling. However many visitors there are, the group will probably remember just one. Make sure it's you.

Summing up, you are given an opportunity. Don't waste your time!