Adapt or die


At the beginning of the last lockdown I ran into one of my neighbours looking very dejected. He had a business supplying food to hotels. Overnight his business had disappeared.

I asked him 3 questions:

Have you got a large stock of food?

Can you get more when that runs out?

Are your delivery vans working?

I got 3 yeses so I said "In that case you've got a business. All the big supermarkets are staring at empty shelves. Also they cannot meet the demand for home deliveries. Set up a home delivery business for your local area. Word will get around quickly. Give a generous bonus to customers who recommend friends and neighbours."

He actually made more profit than usual during the lockdown and he now continues to run this service in tandem with his hotel supply business.

Adapt or die! If your business has suddenly closed down for the second time this year, talk to me. What have you got to lose?