Anti Money Laundering


I know quite a lot of people who are pro money laundering, but the Government is distinctly anti and they appear to have the casting vote on this one. If your organization is working with money, (if not then what are you doing?) you need to be compliant and this is not always as easy as you might think.

Our consultancy has just teamed up with a new associate, Keith Laurence. Keith obtained his degree in economics at the LSE and has been in banking for most of his working life. For many years he has been a compliance officer for several banks. Now that he has "retired", he spends his time ensuring that other people/organizations don't fall foul of the minefield of regulations which apply.

If you have any issues with AML or simply aren't sure whether or not you've got it right, send me a message and Keith will be in your corner. Apart from his extensive knowledge, he is also a thoroughly good egg!