Carphone Warehouse


I feel compelled to share with you an exchange I have just had in my local branch.

Him. I think it's the battery. The only way to find out is to buy one.

Me. OK. How much is it?

Him. I don't know. We don't sell them.

Me. Really? I would have thought that was a rather obvious item for you to sell.

Him. No. We're only a small store.

Me. OK. Can I buy one in one of your big stores?

Him. I don't know.

Me. Any danger of you phoning up to find out, to save me a wild goose chase.

Him. We don't have a head office number to call.

Me (looking quizzically). Are you serious? Is there anyone you can call? How about an area manager? You know. The fellow who comes in once a fortnight and tells you what you are doing wrong.

Him. No. There's no-one we can call.

Me. Could you google Carphone Warehouse and find a number?

Him. No.

Me. Thank you for your invaluable assistance.

Is it just me or is this a funny way to run a railroad? If anyone from Carphone Warehouse feels inclined to respond, I'm all ears.