GDPR Data Breaches - Encryption


So what's a data breach? If one of your employees leaves his laptop on a train and it contains a load of personal data, it's your fault. You can shout at him, punch him in the mouth or fire him, but it's still your fault.

If some clot in your office presses the wrong key and sends all the personal data you hold on everyone, it's your fault. Take all of the above retaliatory steps , but it's still your fault.

If your files are hacked, it's your fault. Wait a minute! You didn't ask to be hacked. You didn't wake up one morning and say"what can I do for a bit of excitement on this dull Wednesday? I know. I'll get myself hacked." You didn't do that but it's still your fault.

Why??? Because you failed to encrypt your data. You see it's not enough to just take a GDPR training course and write a letter to your customers. You have to protect your data. Read the stories about Lloyds TSB and Dixons Carphone. Both of them will be fined tens of millions of pounds.

Read the stories and take a little vicarious pleasure in someone else's misfortune, then remember, that could be you. Get your data encrypted.