Hallelujah! May 25th has dawned and life has changed forever. I'm going to let you into a little secret. This is strictly between the 3 million of us. If this gets out, I'll know it was one of you. Are you ready?

Nothing is going to change today. There! I've said it. No inspectors will come knocking on your door today for a random spot check. They won't come next week, next month, next year, unless .......... they have a good reason to.

If you give them a reason to, or even if someone has it in for you and decides to make a malicious complaint, brace yourself for the knock. When it comes, I expect that there will be a degree of understanding, provided they can see you have at least made a start with compliance . If not, then you are in serious trouble. So I'll ask you again. Are you ready?