Insurance Companies 2


As promised, the second article this week putting insurance companies on the spot. If I drive my car at high speed into your stationary vehicle, I cannot accept blame. If I even apologise I might nullify my policy. This means a protracted argument resulting in a 50/50 of damage costs. The guilty party is rewarded, the innocent victim is punished.

If a hospital harms your mother by an act of negligence, even if the mistake is glaringly obvious to everyone, they are not allowed a simple "sorry". 90% of victims and their families are not looking for a windfall; they simply want an acknowledgement and an apology.

Instead, they are forced into a 5-year war of attrition, a miserable court case and when it is finally settled outside the court, they still won't get the comfort of an apology. They will get a statement denying all responsibility. This is all done to protect the insurers from the small proportion of victims looking for big payouts.

If they added up the time and money spent, they might find they were better off apologising and settling immediately.