Selling into the UK


This year Spiers Consultants helped an Israeli manufacturer to set up a selling operation in the UK. They did this by buying an existing UK business.

We visited the target company and gave a full report on what needed to be done to get it up to speed. We negotiated a superb deal to purchase at very favourable terms. We acted as a virtual PA when they visited London, setting up appointments, arranging hotel, car-hire etc. We introduced them to accountants and solicitors.

We prepared a comprehensive business plan. We will now run the business for a short time until we have recruited a CEO for them.

We have decided to roll out this service for the benefit of any Israeli companies. Here is our menu:

Virtual PA services when the clients visit the UK

Introduction of professionals (some Ivrit-speaking)

Setting up a company from scratch or.....

Assisting in purchasing an existing company and negotiating the deal

Preparing a business plan and helping to implement it

Running the business if required

Recruiting staff at all levels

Simply running a sales office

Writing/making your sales presentations

Writing/Making your sales presentations

We speak the language, can navigate around the rules and regulations and above all, we understand how these strange Englishmen think