The extinction of the Cross Boss


Let’s start with a few facts

FACT 1 Successful entrepreneurs have a specific and unusual skillset.

FACT 2 Effective people managers have a specific and unusual skillset which differs greatly from that in FACT 1.

FACT 3 It is very rare to find both of these skillsets embodied in one person. This leads to….

FACT 4 Most successful entrepreneurs are not best suited for person management. 

FACT 5 Most successful entrepreneurs are egomaniacs and therefore unaware of their shortcomings.

If you are that boss, the first thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself. Face up to your weaknesses, then ensure they are covered, otherwise you are short changing your own business.

I am actually quite good at managing and motivating staff, but my recruitment and appointment skills are poor. I know this and I delegate. I use the amazing Amanda Hershman of to handle my recruiting and interviewing for me.

If a close self-examination informs you that you are a substandard boss and you don’t want to hire a CEO, at least follow a few tips:

  • BE consistent. Don’t cause your employees to say “I wonder what mood he/she will be in this morning."
  • DON’T lose your temper with staff. You are quite grown-up enough to control yourself.
  • NEVER tell someone off in front of their colleagues – always behind a closed door.
  • If you tell people off for bad work, MAKE SURE you praise and reward them for good work. 

Always remember this. There are two main reasons why employees do everything you tell them to. It is either because they love you, or because they fear you. (If they fear you, they hate you) 

If they love you, they will always go the extra mile for your good and that of the business. If they spot something which could be advantageous to you, they will tell you. If they see you about to walk into an elephant trap they will warn you.

If they fear/hate you, they will do just enough to keep you off their backs. If they spot something which could help you they will keep their mouths shut. If they see you about to walk into a trap, they will turn away and have a quiet laugh about it.

Which of these options sounds best to you?